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Solid Waste Processing Plants

Turning Solid Waste into Reusable Materials

Our solid waste processing plants can be configured to extract the desired materials from the chosen process. The goal is to stabilize the organic content and bring it into disposable condition, while preparing the remainder for material reclamation or safe disposal. The organic material can be biologically treated, allowing the possibility of generating compost from the waste and leaving the remaining materials to be recycled or turned into RDF (Refuse-derived fuel). 

SW Processing Plant Setup.png
Organic and RDF Process.png
Process Steps

Process starts with a Terminator shredder, with shredding performance configured for the input material. The goal of this step is to homogenize the input stream, and open up bags and packages. The contrary resistance of the shredder lets it take in a wide range of input materials, while the even feed ensures a consistent supply of shredded material to the downstream process steps.

Other Machinery We Offer
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