Containerized Wastewater Treatment Plants

Turning Wastewater into Clean Water

Our containerized wastewater treatment plants, based fully on biologically activated sludge, are simple cost-effective solutions that are easy to operate and achieve reusable water quality. We use patented submersible MicroClear® Filtration technology (MBR-Ultrafiltration Membrane) to allow our plants to clean Wastewater to EPA’s Recreational Water Quality Standards without requiring additional treatment.

  • Residential & Rural Communities

  • Mobile Home Parks

  • Workforce Housing & Rest Stops

  • National Parks & Campgrounds

  • Military Bases & Camps

  • Hotels, Marinas & Golf Courses

Size & Capacity
Modular plants for 5,000 to 500,000 gal/day

Complete system is within a single container, designed for modular expansion to increase wastewater treatment capacity, effortlessly.

Size (ft)



40' HC






5k—40k gal/d

12k—90k gal/d

15k—115k gal/d

  • Short delivery time
  • Low cost of construction work
  • Only basic concrete base necessary
  • Prefabricated and tested in factory
  • High quality construction with rust resistant steel
  • Modular design (expandable plug and play)
  • Practically odorless and easy maintenance
  • Energy efficient and remote controlled
  • Automatic elimination of coarse material
  • Chemical neutralization (phosphate, nitrate,...)
  • Achieves EPA’s Recreational Water Quality Standards
  • Treated water reusable for irrigation
  • Easy transport: truck, rail, ship, aircraft
  • Ready for operation within hours
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